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Page 38 of 75 January 2018 39 Sporting events can be both pro- motional phenomenon and a branding bonanza for both franchise and fans. Sponsors can do their own tie-ins, as companies such as Burger King and Aflac have done—and continue to do— to build awareness for themselves and extend fan loyalty to their respective businesses. The pregame anticipation can be as great as the actual giveaway, attracting people to attend a game they would otherwise watch at home. Games with these exciting giveaway promotions can amplify the game itself, encourag- ing fans to post pictures from the event, generating real-time likes, shares, com- ments and retweets by the second. The lucrative aftermarket that ensues from such an event renders the featured giveaway one in a series of annual col- lectibles that fans will buy tickets to receive or scout auction sites to buy for a sometimes not inconsiderable sum. Again, the promotional aspect is inseparable from the event. When exe- cuted well, the event can spur excite- ment for a team or player, while catch- ing the media's attention because of a pithy—and memorable—catchphrase. Achieving these giveaway successes requires planning, collaboration, test- ing, analysis and choice, so choosing a seasoned partner to execute these items is paramount. Experience, specialty and personal connection are all important qualities in a sporting promotional items partner that are key to a success- ful campaign. The game-day giveaway is a gateway to improving sales and furthering pas- sion among fans. Done the right way, the giveaway gives a substantial return on investment. It is reason enough to go to a sport- ing event. n Charlie Gaffney is the president and CEO of Index Promotions, a glob- al promotional and marketing agency that is a leader in connecting brands to consumers through world-class cre- ative, branding, product development, sourcing and distribution. Contact Us Today for More InformaƟon! Phone: (800) 968-0712 Email: Reach 16,000+ Sports Events Planners, Rights Holders and Key Decision Makers Attract More Sports Business with SportsEvents Magazine t SPECIAL Feature

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