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September 2017 4 I've done my share of traveling over the years as I represented organizations at trade shows, conferences, and press events. There was a time when it seemed that business travel would cease to exist because of tightening budgets and potential security threats for travelers in airports and major cities. The realization, however, was that the financial cost of business travel and the ob- stacles presented were worth the effort. People need to meet other people face to face. We need to share experiences, have conversations and suffer the woes of traveling together in order to build relationships. And relationships are really what it's all about. I just returned from a conference and was thinking about all the new people I met and wondering when we'll meet again. Back when I had a Rolodex, my bundle of business cards was a tribute to all those people I'd met along the way. Over time, they were not just names on a card, they were friends. And friendships don't come easily. Friendships require an investment of time and energy on both sides and they also require trust. I'm thinking about all this now because our annual conference is coming up. Over the years, conference attendees dubbed S.P.O.R.T.S. as "The Relationship Confer- ence" because so many meaningful relationships have been built each year. We are very proud to know that our attendees think so highly of this conference and how it is valued in the sports events industry. But beyond the meetings, educational sessions and entertainment, what it all comes down to are the people who come together in the name of sports. As I'm writing this, we've already closed our registration for this year's event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We're still receiving calls and requests to make an exception to allow just one more attendee to register, but we've learned that the best conferences aren't about the quantity of people who attend. It's always about the quality time we spend together. We maintain a ratio of about 2.5 destination/venue attendees to one event organizer and we schedule 15-minute appointments that give both parties ample time to see how they can help each other. No. It's not speed dating. It's one-on-one time to share ideas, resolve concerns and find solutions that work for the planner and the destination. In between the appointments, educational sessions and town hall meetings, we'll have plenty of fun where talking and laughter build a deeper bond. There's nothing like zombies, pig races and a game of horse shoes to create a memorable event. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Cedar Rapids this year and I know this is just the first step to building a long-lasting relationship. See you in Cedar Rapids! SportsEvents is published monthly by Covey Communications Corp., P.O. Box 2267, Gulf Shores, AL 36547. It is mailed under standard mail rates. POSTMASTER: CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED TO SportsEvents Subscription Office, P.O. Box 16868, North Hollywood, CA 91615. Editorial ideas and manuscripts are welcomed. However, all unsolicited manuscripts and photographs must be sent with return postage; otherwise SportsEvents cannot be responsible for returning them. Copyright 2017 by Covey Communications Corp. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without express written permission of the publisher is strictly forbidden. EXECUTIVE OFFICES 2001 West First Street Gulf Shores, AL 36542 (251) 968-5300 / Fax (251) 968-4532 102 South Tejon Street Suite 1100 Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 644-7000 MAILING ADDRESS P. O. Box 2267 Gulf Shores, AL 36547 E-MAIL WEBSITE PUBLISHER J. Talty O'Connor MANAGING EDITOR Sherri Middleton DIRECTOR OF SALES Shellie Kichler ADVERTISING Kelsey O'Connor EXECUTIVE MARKETING & Kayla Head COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER DESIGN SERVICES Kelly Williams MANAGER MANAGER, TRAFFIC Stephanie Eckman & PROMOTIONS FINANCE MANAGER Mandi Morrison CIRCULATION MANAGER Ashley Brokowsky CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Tammy Leytham Beth Kujawski Paige Townley Marcia Bradford Wayne T. Waters Robin Mackinaw EDITORIAL Jon Butler, ADVISORY BOARD Pop Warner Little Scholars Sally Johnson, National Council of Youth Sports Jamie Adams, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Alicia McConnell, U.S. Olympic Committee James Parker, Amateur Athletic Union Don Ruedlinger, Youth Basketball of America Jon Schmieder, CSEE Huddle Up Group EDITOR'S PLAY-BY-PLAY It's All About Relationships Managing Editor

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