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September 2017 14 Greater Number, Greater Reach A huge part of any social media campaign must include attracting the audience. Whether viewers, spectators or followers, the greater the initial number of users, the greater the potential extended reach. Facebook has the most engaged users: 70 percent log on daily, including 43 percent who log on several times a day, according to Pew Research Center in its 2015 report. But other platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, are gaining fast. Groups like USA Gymnastics use live streaming at premier events and the web- site and social networks to increase aware- ness. The organization now has more than 250,000 Twitter followers and more than a million Facebook fans. Humor Snippets Wes Hall, president and executive director for the Omaha Sports Commission, said, "Our social media plan varies, depending on the event and the target, but we use social media to engage and direct the viewer/reader to our message on YouTube." The intent behind a short 15-to-30-second "snippet" video is to entice users to click through to the longer, more entertaining video that lasts three to four minutes, with a sales pitch at the end to drive people to the particular event. In today's video-engaged market, short, easily downloadable, catchy snippets lure scrollers using every kind of attention-get- ting means available. Terms such as "mockumentary" have reemerged lending humor and irony to the all-sports-all-the- time industry. Event announcements, player promotion and fundraising can lend themselves to dry, repetitive releases. The mockumentary style introduces humor in a subtle way. Hall has plans to use the mockumentary style in an upcoming promotion. "To pique [users'] interest is key," he said. "And if you can get a laugh out of it, you've done well." One of the best things about social media, especially sites such as YouTube, is the measurability of the message. Statistics are available from Facebook, YouTube and others provide real-time numbers to mea- sure how far your message has spread. Social media may come with rewards, but it is important for planners to develop guidelines and rules for both employees and fans or athletes to maintain decorum and protect the brand and individuals involved. A sound social media policy helps protect everyone from litigation, abuse, negative publicity and damage to the organizers reputation. It is also important to remember to educate participants and fans about what is and is not acceptable for posts and how a violation of the social media and marketing policies will be han- dled if violated. n t GAME Plan Go Viral! It's all about exposure, any way you can get it. Every promoter's dream and goal is to one day go viral, to see the numbers for viewership of your event soar beyond your wildest dreams. One little viral episode could catapult your event from a local marathon to a nationwide cause, putting your event center on the map and scoring big for your clients. Along with tips and tricks on technology that emerge what seems like every day there are a slew of platforms and apps, all competing for our scroll time. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the list goes on. However, there are a few apps out there that are more tailored to what a planner may need. n Vertical Response and GetResponse are email man- agement/database apps that allow you to send newsletters, offers, invitations quickly and easily, as well as monitor open rates. n Hootsuite and DrumUp post to all social media accounts at once. n Sprout Social and Simply Measured make sense of all those numbers with analytics tools. n Klout and Brand24 measure brand awareness. n Twitch and Livestream pro- vide live streaming. n CrowdCompass and Attendify provide app design. n 85% of adults age 18 – 49 use multiple devices at the same time —Source: Google, 2016 80% of millennials have their phone at their side, day and night —Source: Google, 2015 Nearly one-third of the world uses social networks regularly —Source: eMarketer, 2016

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