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August 2017 16 Whether it's offering a good old-fash- ioned face-to-face handshake, tailoring your packages to your prospect or going online, three leaders of industry give their advice regarding growing your sponsors. Gil Vieira, founder, president and CEO of Youth Baseball Network, LLC, said, "Today, we have two different crowds to target: the sit-back crowd and the lean-forward crowd. The sit-back crowd are the sports enthusiasts and usually the older spectators at an event, who sit back and watch and enjoy the game." These are the spectators who see your sponsor name, sometimes inadver- tently, on those banners hanging around your event. Maybe subconsciously, they note the brands and your sponsors hope they remember that brand when they are shopping for equipment, standing in line to buy a beverage or looking for enter- tainment options. But the crowd that is attracting most of the sponsor interest today is the lean-forward crowd. "The lean-forward SPONSORSHIPS: It's A Two-Way Street Growing your sponsorships used to mean sending your team or coach to local businesses to offer a banner to hang at your event in exchange for a sponsorship or adding a logo to a uniform. Today, sponsors expect much more for their dollars and seeking funding or products for your event puts you in competition with hundreds of other organiza- tions, each looking to secure a piece of the marketing pie. t GAME Plan BY ROBIN MACKINAW

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