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Page 14 of 67 August 2017 15 ONE- on- ONE t be cautious when temperatures and humid- ity change dramatically from the mid-80s one day to the mid-90s to the 100s. We see an uptick in heat-related illness even during times when the temperatures are 75 to 85 degrees and high humidity," he said. "Surprisingly heat and humidity are less of a problem in areas that regularly experi- ence high temperatures and high humidity because the body acclimates itself." Signs of heat-related illness to watch for include confusion, staggering, stumbling, loss of muscle control and other more sub- tle signs that are not normal for the particu- lar athlete. "Temperature is the key determinate in heat stroke," Sailor said. "You need to get the individual cool immediately if you rec- ognize they are struggling. Cooling is more important than hydration but hydration is important as well. You should not be over- hydrated or not hydrated enough." If a person exhibits signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, the fastest way to cool body temperature is to submerge the person in a tub of ice water. If a tub is not available, Sailor recommends anyone involved with youth athletics carry a large tarpaulin which can be used as a makeshift tub by placing the individual inside, holding the four corners and pouring ice water from coolers onto the athlete. Sailor calls this a "taco" and said this action may save a per- son's life. "We recognize that most hospitals are not equipped to cool someone down and the amount of time it takes to transport a person by ambulance for treatment takes too long," he said. "You need to cool them on site." Sailor said important tools are available to help all sports events organizers that "can alleviate a lot of heartburn for event organizers. It gives them access to the resources they need. Say for instance you are hosting a race for four hours on Saturday morning and you need to find an athletic trainer to work that event," he said. "The Go4Ellis app is made for that. You put a request out and available ATs contact you." Go4Ellis is a member-only platform to connect ATs to paid work at sporting events. As NATA's preferred provider, the app lets anyone who needs an AT for onsite health care during a game, practice or tournament to post the event. Members can search and select opportunities that suit their availability and communicate with event organizers. The app also lets the AT track their earnings. "The goal is to improve youth sports safety while providing more opportunities for athletic trainers," Sailor said. "It also makes it easier for organizers to find athletic train- ers when they need them." Created by NXTsports, Go4Ellis is avail- able in the App Store or Google Play. The National Athletic Trainers' Association offers a wealth of resources online. For more information, visit or to learn more about athletic trainers. n With a legendary theme park, three pristine Ozark mountain lakes, great shopping, dining and plenty of wholesome family entertainment all at an affordable price, it's no wonder everyone wants to make the team heading to Branson. As a sports event destination, Branson can accommodate everything from large tournaments to a corporate golf weekend. With a helpful community to support event organizers, modern indoor facilities, outdoor venues and plenty of post-game entertainment, holding your event in Branson is always a winning call. WHY EVERYONE TRIES TO MAKE T H E T R AV E L T E A M E xplore B ransonS por t s .com 87 7- B R A N SO N S I LV E R D O L L A R C I T Y

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