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March 2017 32 t SPECIAL Feature We should point out that our goal is to measure the local economic impact of sports competitions, which are most- ly amateur events for participants of all ages. We exclude most all professional sports (except some non-traditional sports), as well as television revenues, national sponsorships, NCAA basket- ball and football playoffs, and similar such sports event revenues that don't accrue to the host destination. Total Economic Impact Our analysis indicates the sports events market grew by a healthy 7.2 percent during 2016. Overall, participation per event continued to expand, as did the number of sports events hosted throughout the country. We calculate that the economic impact of the sports events marketplace in the United States topped the $10 billion threshold in 2016 for the first time. To put that in perspective, based on these results, there was an addition- al $702 million in revenue generated by the sports events market in the U.S. during 2016 over 2015 — a slight dip in the growth rate and dollar volume compared to the previous year. The growth was fueled by three factors: a growth in the total spend per event per athlete; a growing — but slowing — rate in number of participants; and an increase in the total number of events held. Three forces fuel growth in our industry. First, participation per event, which grew by an average of 1.2 per- cent. Second, an estimated 2.8 percent increase in the total number of events held, a significant decrease over the event growth rate of 2015. And final- ly, the total spend per athlete at each event, which grew by 3.2 percent, based on our research. So how did we manage to produce more competitions with more competi- tors in a country with fewer active ath- letes? Simply put, participant athletes are competing at more frequent inter- vals. "Those that are playing and are traveling to play, are doing so with a vengeance," Schumacher said. "They're playing 60 or 70 games a year instead of 20 or 30 and they're traveling all over the place, so that covers for some of the underlying concerns." Some of the increase may also be attributed to an improving economy and as sports event participation ► Brand New Summer 2017 • 65,000 Sq. Ft. Multi-Purpose Facilty • Youth & Adult Sporting Events • 6 Full-Size Basketball Courts • 8 Regulation Volleyball Courts • 22,000 Sq. Ft. Artificial Turf Surface • Meeting Space, Concessions, Lobby and Concourse The Best Sports are Played Here! • Local Sports • Professional Sports • Regional Tournaments • State Competitions • $12 Million Renovation in 2016 Contact Tiffany Benien, Visit Salina Sports | Toll Free 877-725-4625 SALINA FIELDHOUSE Get in the game! $10.546 Billion 7.2% Increase Billions of Dollars Sports Events Industry Total Economic Impact

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