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March 2017 22 The Best Practices Guide is broken down into seven categories: n Event/Race Day Planning n Crowd Dynamics/Management n Emergency Action Planning n Risk/Threat/Vulnerability Assessment and Planning n Staff Performance/Development n Safety and Security Aware Culture n Technology Implementation/Innovation/ Information Management Most security and safety planning goes on behind the scenes and it typically isn't something a race organizer uses as part of a marketing campaign. But making sure participants feel safe and secure can be an element that sets a race apart. How should a race organizer balance addressing securi- ty concerns with the public? "That's a good question," Marciani said. "That's real. We are working so hard to do the balancing because we want the runners, families, sponsors and community to benefit from a wholesome race. It might mean a lot to the lifestyle of that community or the brand of that city. So we make sure that we're seamless but present in a sense of making sure on the front end we do a risk analysis, we have a committee, we have a good emergency plan in place. "We make sure the people we bring on to support the race are cognizant of that bal- ance to ensure the customer is safe. We try to utilize resources of our local community. The reality is that it can happen any place, any time, anywhere." Marciani said that he will look into the possibility of creating security sanctioning guidelines. "As we develop these best practices, it becomes more visible with more efforts going into making our events safe with sanctioning," Marciani said. "We want them [participants] to not have to think about security because we have thought of every- thing. When you go to a Major League Baseball game, I don't think you are thinking about security because you believe that they have done everything to be prepared and I think that's the same thought runners have when they go to an event. "As we mature the industry down the road in the sense of safety and security, maybe there will be a system in place in which certain events are evaluated, and they get some sort of designation about being proactive on safety and security with good plans in place. Maybe the next step down the road is we look at a security man- agement designation, a third-party review of these events, so that there is a designation that they are proactive." In addition to the Marathon and Endurance Events Safety and Security Best Practices Guide, the NCS4 has guides for Professional Sport Facilities, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Interscholastic Athletics and After-School Activities. You can find them here: best-practices. n We are part of the Mid Atlantic Amateur Sports Alliance offering first-class facilities and top-notch attractions including Maryland's beaches and boardwalk! Contact us today When the pressure of planning is on, we'll show you what teamwork is all about! ONE- on- ONE t

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