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January 2017 12 GAME Plan t only factor and we actively encourage that review. IMG is an invitation-only network, as we want to offer planners an added confidence in the provider they choose." IMG is headquartered in Lenexa, KS. Other motorcoach associations include the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) and the National Association of Motorcoach Opera- tors (NAMO), both based in Alexan- dria, VA. Safety Issues Just as safety is the most important consideration for any sports event itself, safety is the first consideration with transportation, too. "Anyone looking for a transporta- tion company needs to be aware of Department of Transportation safety ratings," said Donna Edmonds, charter manager for Asheville, NC-based Young Transportation. "That's the most important thing. They need to be safe. It isn't a problem until it becomes a problem. Then, the people who char- tered the bus are the ones who will be first accountable to speak on behalf of that group. Then it becomes a domino effect of folks that get involved." Bigger May Be Better "If I were responsible for a team's traveling myself, knowing what I know in the industry, I wouldn't lean toward an operation with one or two motorcoaches," Edmonds said. "I'd lean toward one with 10, 15, 20 mo- torcoaches. Bigger is better. If some- thing happens, I know they're going to have a replacement vehicle, they're going to have the mechanics, they're going to have the leadership." Technology Amenities Motorcoaches aren't just bare-bones buses. The motorcoaches of the 21st Century are high-tech, comfortable vehicles that can come equipped with certain technology amenities that sports teams and others associated with sports event travel planning Most Common Mistakes Made By Event Transportation Companies New York City-headquartered Brilliant Transportation, a special event transportation company using Mercedes Sprinters, luxury mini buses and coach buses in more than 350 cities worldwide, came up with a list every sports event planner ought to keep in mind as they communicate with a transportation provider ( takes-event-transportaton-companies-make). 1. Late for the pick up - Make sure your transportation company understands the importance of starting your event on time and, if necessary, go over the planning of the departure time for the pickup and routing details, so that there can be no excuse for being late. 2. Road Closures - A quality transportation provider will prepare for known traffic and construc- tion issues surrounding your event and adjust accordingly. In situations in which there is only one possible route to the event location, backup plans regarding timing should be in place in case the main route is congested. 3. Incorrect Address - It is important for clients to review the confirmation information they receive and correct any errors they find. 4. Wrong entry to the venue - Any time a large event involves the arrival of multiple vehicles, it is always advisable to have a dry run, particularly when the presentation of an event depends on it. 5. Passenger Confusion - During a large event, it's not enough just to get every vehicle on site at the appointed time. You also need a plan of how to manage the transportation plan once they get there. You may need to work out passenger assignments, boarding areas, create signage or, to be really sure, hire an on-site transportation coordinator to make sure people get to the right vehicles. Any competent event transportation provider should be able to facilitate this. 6. Poorly planned arrivals - When you're planning a highly coordinated event, the specific order and manner in which vehicles arrive and passengers disembark could matter a great deal. Work out a plan with the transportation coordinator in advance as to how arrivals should look and progress. 7. Vehicles breaking down - Go with a quality transportation provider that puts a priority into maintaining their vehicles. A company with a well-maintained fleet should create no problems for you on the day of your event. 8. Inaccurate passenger count - It is essential to get as accurate a passenger count as early as possible so you know how many vehicles are required and what sizes to use. For a mass event for which an exact count may not be known, plan for a range of possibilities and allow for the reservation of vehicles the day of the event. 9. Poor customer service - Again, success comes down to working with quality people. In addition to flawless execution, a good transportation provider will have trained their employees on the finer points of customer service. 10. Vehicle type or style - You should have a discussion with your transportation representative from the start about how many vehicles and what types of vehicles would best represent your event. n 10

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