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Page 12 of 59 November 2016 13 come and see you folks, just to let you know I think this is one of the most import- ant groups in the United States for sports and for kids. I wanted to come out and talk to you. "I've got MS and I've got diabetes and a cancer operation coming on Monday. But I'm on medication and I feel pretty good. So this might be it for me. My son asked me today, he said, 'This cancer operation, what if this is it for you?' And I said, 'Well, son, did you ever think God's got a pitcher on his team who can't throw strikes? Maybe he needs me now.' "To me, life is what it is. Nobody has had a better run than Jack Llewellyn has, and if today's the day, so be it. … You've got to live every day like it's the last day you got. Every day, if one of your goals is to touch someone's life, then you've got a heck of a deal going. It ain't about money. It's about touching people's lives — that's what life's about. "I think nobody is in a better position to do that than you sport groups and venue people. You never meet sports groups and venue people together. God bless you for doing this because that's the connection that's always needed and we need to do it better. We need to make sure at every venue — and every single thing we do — we take time to touch somebody's life and help people develop mentally and emotion- ally. You'd be amazed what happens when you make that happen. Llewellyn told a story about an athlete he worked with who was an All-American in football and baseball, and signed with the Braves. He moved to the Major Leagues quickly. "He comes home off a trip one night and at three in the morning wakes his wife up and says, 'I gotta call Jack in the morning.' She says, 'Why?' He says, 'I'm 5-for-55.' "He had never failed in his life! I went to the batting cage the next day and I looked at him and he said, 'What are you looking at?' And I said, 'I'm looking in your bag of tools to recover from adversity and it's not only empty but there was never any tools in here. You gotta go back and learn what you should have learned when you were 12 years old.' "You see, to me athletes are like baby birds. You hear the birds in the nest. Then you see the mom come and feed them. Then she flies away. "In a couple of days, they get up on the edge of the nest and then she flies away. Then in another day or two, they try to fly and they hit the ground like a rock. And you watch them for a couple of days and they get so they can fly a little bit and they fly straight into trees. And then in a couple days, they are gone. "This is my message to athletes: you never learn to fly around trees until you fly into them. So it's not a bad thing to have adversity in your businesses or adversity in your venues and have things where it doesn't work out quite right. It's not a bad thing because it's a learning experience and because the bottom line is having fun." n ONE- on- ONE t

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