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August 2015 10 Opinions, quotes and other pointless commentary from the publisher Life In The Talty Lane… zz Great dining opportunities can provide another adventure- some ingredient to travelling to or participating in a sports competition. But, in my opin- ion, great food alone is not enough to create a terrific din- ing experience. Yep, it is pret- ty hard to have a good one without some fantastic food, but I've had some unpleasant experiences even when the food was off the charts. Perhaps for a true gourmet or epicure, fine food coupled with the right wine is enough. For me, it's the complete experience that counts, food, drink, service, attitude and atmosphere. Does that rate me as a foodie? I'd like to think of myself as more of a bon vivant. OK, quit laughing. But I do love to seek out new dining opportunities for a great experience rather than simply eating out because of hunger or con- venience. I think that may qualify for "foodie" status. Foodies may not be as sophisticated as gourmets, nor as "stuffy" as some may imagine a gourmet to be. Foodies are more about taste buds than talk buds. The way I see it, foodies care more about enjoying the food and beverage going down their throat than using the air that comes out of it to impress others with their knowledge of "pairings" or sophisticated haute cuisine. Foodies are out for the adventure, for the experience and for the food. And when an area becomes known as a hot destination for foodies, it becomes referred to as a "Foodie City." Being as much of an expert on foodiness as the next foodie (which isn't much), I will say that foodie cities seem to have a few things in common. First, they have diverse independent restaurants with great chefs that locals treat like royalty. They often have unique regional cuisine that has been defined and refined from local culture. And, they typically have a strong supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood from local farmers and suppliers. A foodie in a great foodie city is as happy as a kid on the ball field. You don't have to be a gourmet, epicure or bon vivant to enjoy great foodie destinations, you just have to appreciate fine food and beverages served with some unique character, cheer and flare. When researching destina- tions for sports events, I'd put dining opportunities high on my list, just a few ticks below appropriate fields and facili- ties, of course. That's all I have to say about foodie-culture for now. n Foodies, bon vivants and foodie destinations… A few weeks ago all of our employees embarked on an adventuresome afternoon corporate retreat. We went bowling. We started off with a meeting to talk a little about our company culture. We have certain agreements we all commit to that revolve around character, integrity, attitude, customer care, excellence in all we do, having fun and caring for each other. Our corporate mission is simply to earn customer loyalty. My philosophy is that if we earn your loyalty in all we do while we care for each other at work and have a little fun along the way, all that truly matters will fall into place. The points-based, team-swapping bowling ended in a sudden death three-way bowl-off between two of the best bowlers and one of the, shall I say, least productive bowlers. But that is exactly who rose to the occasion and took home the much coveted title. If you happen to connect with our ad traffic coordinator, Stephanie Eckman, you'll know it was character, not luck, that rolled her to bowling queen stardom. If you have comments, suggestions or simply want to respond to any of my ramblings, send me an email to or connect on Facebook at Q u e e n S te p h anie ! SportsEvents' Sports Event…

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