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▲ GAME Plan Have Team, Must Travel 5 Ways To Stay On Track With Transportation BY PAIGE TOWNLEY F or most any sports team, travel is an essential part of the game. Thus, for the event planner, transportation management is an important aspect of the game plan. Determining the best way to transport the team to and from an event—as well as the potentially thousands of fans and spectators—is a critical decision that must be well planned and organized. 1 C Choose The R Right Partner I It's crucial to do your h homework and choose a re reputable transportation management company. When Navy played Notre Dame in 2012 in the Emerald Isle Classic in Ireland, Navy turned to Anthony Travel to handle its transportation needs, which provided peace of mind for all involved, said Robb Dun, associate athletic director at Navy. "We had over 100 buses transporting people to the stadium, and the fact that I could have full faith in the vendor we used went a long way," he said. Not only will a reliable company provide peace of mind, but it will also make sure all details are taken care of from a legal standpoint. For example, 12 June 2013 "Putting a transportation plan together involves knowing the constituents you're providing it for and being well versed in what the transportation options are for where you are going," said Leslie Wurzberger, vice president of event services for Anthony Travel. To help make sure your next team travel experience is a success, here are five helpful tips straight from transportation management experts. there are many U.S. Department of Transportation rules and insurance regulations that must be followed, such as the bus company must have a minimum amount of insurance and you must keep that insurance information on file in order to work with them. "There are many details like this that many times an event organizer who hasn't done much transportation organization might not be aware of," Wurzberger said. "It's more than just going to a bus company and trying to get its best price. We have a network of bus providers that we know are certified, and we have the paperwork on file so we can provide it to the event organizer to ensure they have everything they need." Another detail a quality transportation management company can assist with is planning a travel itinerary on your budget, said Andrew Ripani, director of sales for The BusBank. For example, federal regulations limit the number of hours one driver can drive per day, which is a rule that can impact the overall budget. "We can help plan the specific itinerary to make sure the event organizer doesn't go over those requirements so that another driver doesn't have to be added, as that will increase the cost," Ripani said. 2 S Stick With The S Same Driver When it comes to tra transporting fans, usually several buses and drivers are necessary, but for team transportation it's best for one team to stick with one driver for the duration of the event, Ripani said.

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