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2019 Baseball/Softball Sourcebook 16 Atlantic Coast Baseball Creates Ultimate Tournament Experience BY PAIGE TOWNSLEY Northeast • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island t Atlantic Coast Baseball is all about creating the "Ultimate Tournament Experience," and for years now it has been doing just that, especially with its signature event, the Cap Classic Series. Matthew DeSantis founded Atlantic Coast Baseball in 2005. At the time, he was working at an indoor baseball facility after graduating from college at the University of Pittsburgh, where he played baseball. "I played base- ball my whole life," DeSantis said. "I had no plans to be in baseball after graduation. I was actually going to move to North Carolina and get into real estate. But an old coach of mine convinced me to go to work for him." DeSantis joined the baseball facility, working with travel base- ball teams and training kids. Then a few years later, he realized the need for a baseball tournament in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area. "We would do a lot of traveling to other cities multiple weekends a year because there were no tournaments in the Pittsburgh area," he said. "But I noticed how we would end up playing so many Pittsburgh teams. That's when I knew we needed to start a tour- nament at home, mainly just so we would have a tournament we could play without traveling." That was the beginning of the Atlantic Coast Cap Classic Series, which, since its inception, has become one of the largest tournaments on the East Coast. The event started out solely in Pittsburgh with about 45 teams and has grown steadily. In fact, this year it had more than 230 teams coming from 15 states and Canada. "One of the reasons for the event's great success is that we try to make it not just a baseball tournament but an expe- rience," DeSantis said. "We try to encompass a variety of teams from different talent levels and we make it a five-game guaran- tee, so these teams know they will come here and get to play a lot of baseball." The organization's signature event is also set apart for the very reason that it got its name: each team gets a customized cap, a cap the team gets to customize itself. "That's a big thing with the Cap Classic," DeSantis said. "Teams can include their logo, use different thread colors, and even do each panel a different color. The hats are fully customizable, and the kids usually enjoy getting to create the look." The Cap Classic has had such success – it has been a sellout every year of its existence in Pittsburgh – that it has expanded beyond Pennsylvania. Last year it was also held in North Carolina and Florida, and this year the Cap Classic will also be hosted in Alabama (near Oxford) and Louisiana (Sterlington). In future years, DeSantis is hoping to expand the sought-after event to even more locations and states, and by 2021 have a World Series event. "We want to continue providing the ultimate tournament experience," DeSantis said. "One way we try to do that is making it easy to play in our tournaments and that's what we'll continue to do." For more information, visit or DeSantis Lgst. # Contig. Fields # of Fields Youth H.S. College Lgst. Seating Cap. Bleacher Stadium Dist. Between 2 Farthest Fields (mi.) # of Metro Area Rooms Map Location # of Fields Lighted Sport Destination BUTLER COUNTY BASEBALL 24 15 5 9 5 2 500 1,800 2 2,800 C12 Phone: (724) 234-4619 / Fax: (724) 234-4643 Website: SOFTBALL 8 4 2 4 3 500 1,468 2 MONROEVILLE Visit Monroeville BASEBALL 20 4 3 1,343 C13 Phone: (412) 856-7422 / Fax: (412) 856-6979 Website: SOFTBALL 7 1 3 READING BASEBALL 3 1 F12 Phone: (610) 376-2100 / Fax: (610) 376-4131 Website: SOFTBALL 1 1 SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT Howard J. Lamade Stadium - FIELD PROFILE BASEBALL 1 1 8,000- E11 Website: 10,000 STATE COLLEGE Central Pennsylvania CVB BASEBALL 45 24 6 36 9 2 5,400 5,400 4 3,400 E12 Phone: (814) 231-1401 / Fax: (814) 231-8123 Website: SOFTBALL 25 7 2 21 2 5,400 5,400 8 RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island Sports Commission BASEBALL 40 10 3 25 5 7 10,000 30 5,000+ Phone: (401) 456-0240 / Fax: (401) 273-7046 Website: SOFTBALL 15 3 3 5 7 1,000 30

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