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September 2018 4 The face of sports is rapidly changing. Where betting on sports was once considered a thing we did with a wink and a nod, states across the country raced earlier this summer to legalize sports betting. And something we used to consider playtime or a hobby is now a sport. It's not so surprising that states wanted to legalize betting on sports. As long as there have been competitions, there has been some form of wagering. Over the years our attitudes about gambling on sports have certainly softened as we toss a few dollars in the office pot for college football and basketball blocks or watch the over/ under graphics and lines starting to appear on sports channels and then fantasy teams entered the mix. Suddenly the public is a little more accepting. With the advent of Esports, there is another cultural shift in acceptance. Electronic gaming is now considered a sport. So is drone racing and brain games. I recently read an article about a high school athletic association that is purchasing uniforms for its Esports program. The association said the uniform purchase is similar to cheerleading where the sport is not governed but is considered an integral part of the high school athletic experience. Kids who participate in online gaming should have an opportunity to participate because everybody can't play football, basketball or baseball, the association stated. I have my opinions about both items I've mentioned. I'm sure you have your own thoughts and beliefs as well. Whether you see these changes as good or bad, one thing is clear, times are changing. SportsEvents is published monthly by Covey Communications Corp., P.O. Box 2267, Gulf Shores, AL 36547. It is mailed under standard mail rates. POSTMASTER: CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED TO SportsEvents Subscription Office, P.O. Box 16868, North Hollywood, CA 91615. Editorial ideas and manuscripts are welcomed. However, all unsolicited manuscripts and photographs must be sent with return postage; otherwise SportsEvents cannot be responsible for returning them. Copyright 2018 by Covey Communications Corp. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without express written permission of the publisher is strictly forbidden. EXECUTIVE OFFICES 2001 West First Street Gulf Shores, AL 36542 (251) 968-5300 / Fax (251) 968-4532 MAILING ADDRESS P. O. Box 2267 Gulf Shores, AL 36547 E-MAIL WEBSITE PUBLISHER J. Talty O'Connor MANAGING EDITOR Sherri Middleton DIRECTOR OF SALES Shellie Kichler ADVERTISING Kelsey Carpenter EXECUTIVE SALES & MARKETING Amy Peebles COORDINATOR DESIGN SERVICES Kelly Williams MANAGER MANAGER, TRAFFIC Stephanie Eckman & PROMOTIONS FINANCE MANAGER Mandi Morrison CIRCULATION MANAGER Ashley Strickland CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Marcia Bradford Beth Kujawski Paige Townley Tammy Leytham John Torsiello Robin Mackinaw EDITORIAL Jon Butler, ADVISORY BOARD Pop Warner Little Scholars Sally Johnson, National Council of Youth Sports Jamie Adams, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Alicia McConnell, U.S. Olympic Committee James Parker, Amateur Athletic Union Jon Schmieder, CSEE Huddle Up Group EDITOR'S PLAY•BY•PLAY Changing with the Times Managing Editor

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