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August 2018 40 t SPORT Report for coaches-to-athlete interaction but also athlete-to-athlete and parent-to-athlete in- teraction," Frank said. The fee for coaches is waived. The USFL's coaches also undergo criminal background screenings. "You hate to say it but one of the first things I'd do is look to see if they are on sex offender registration," he said. Before enrolling a student in a class, parents should ask if students compete. Even if pankration competitions are not allowed in their state, ask about taekwon- do, jiu-jitsu, karate or other martial arts tournaments. Of course, unless you're in Florida and California, you'll have to travel out-of-state to compete. "A lot of these schools, even schools with proficient instructors, are not able to effectively teach kids," Frank said. "You see them just doing a lot of rudimentary exercises. Kids are not able to apply tech- niques they learn. The disparity of what is taught to being able to compete is huge." Pankration instruction could improve a child's self-confidence and their ability to defend themselves but there's no way to measure that if they do not compete, he said. "This is a sport, they should be com- peting," Frank said. "The only real way you can tell if they're teaching the child in a proficient manner is through compe- tition. That's how you test yourself." But wherever a student lives, there's a way to train and participate in the sport. "Get involved in USA boxing, wres- tling as a youth or martial arts," Bruegge- man said. "Start learning core disciplines so when the time comes, you can start competing. You're walking into the gym with the core skills and you just have to learn how to put them together. Your odds of success are going to be greatly enhanced." n Competition is necessary to prove proficiency. Finding classes for kids is not easy. The USFL offers voluntary classes for SafeSport. Kids are required to wear head gear.

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