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July 2018 10 Industry U.S. Olympic Committee Establishes Athlete & NGB Engagement Commission COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced the formation of the Athlete & NGB (National Governing Bodies) Engage- ment Commission to review how the USOC interacts with and oversees the 49 diverse NGBs and how to better en- gage with the athletes it serves. Women's National Basket- ball Association (WNBA) President Lisa Borders will chair the commission. "Athlete safety is of the utmost importance to our community, and the Athlete and NGB Engagement Commission will provide essential analysis of our current governance strategy to help us collectively improve our safeguards," said USOC Acting CEO Susanne Lyons. "We must ensure that we are exercising the proper level of authority in both creating athlete protection policies and making sure they are strictly adhered to." Prior to her role in pro- fessional basketball, Borders was the chair of The Coca- Cola Foundation and vice president of global commu- nity affairs at The Coca-Cola Company after serving six years as city council president and vice-mayor of Atlanta. She has more than 25 years of experience in operations, mar- keting, government relations and public service, including serving as president of the WNBA for the past two years. "I am eager to engage in this process with the hope of assist- ing the U.S. sports community in emerging from this crisis stronger and further evolved," Borders said. "Athletes of all ages and ability levels deserve to have safe environments in which to train and compete. The actions being taken now and in the future, must help ensure that sport participation leaves a positive legacy for the millions of athletes in our country." The working group will be composed of at least seven members, including athlete, NGB and independent board representation, plus one or more individuals with gov- ernance expertise in relevant organizations. Recommend- ations will be implemented in the coming months, according to the USOC. Cyclocross Legend Tim Johnson Joins USA Cycling Foundation COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Cycling announced that the most decorated American cyclocross racer of all time will join the USA Cycling Foundation as development director. "We are honored and very fortunate that Tim will be joining the USA Cycling Foundation in a role entirely focused on increasing the resources available to our most promising and best t SPORTS Talk STUART, Fla. — Sally S. Johnson, executive director of the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) since January 1997, has retired. Johnson's 21-year run as head of the national organization is part of a 35-year career as a respected leader in the amateur youth sports industry. During Johnson's years as NCYS executive director, she has lead the organization's advance- ment from its infancy to a membership that now serves more than 60,000,000 boys and girls as registered participants in organized youth sports programs. Johnson has been the NCYS's first and only executive director to date. Johnson said, "I am proud to leave a distinguished legacy having elevated the youth sports experience with credibility, integrity and positive vigilant visibility. Together, with a dedicated board of directors, we have brought NCYS and amateur youth sports to a whole new level, creating an industry of positive value and a culture of relevance while connecting sport skills to important life skills. This journey proudly ends as I turn to the next chapter in life, always yours truly for the kids." Founded in 1979, the NCYS members include the leading organizations in the amateur youth sports industry. NCYS is well-known for its advocacy in promoting safe environments and healthy lifestyles for youth, and for stronger neighborhoods and communities in which they participate in sports programs. As the largest-known youth-serving organization in America, NCYS exists to enhance the youth sports experience in America, promoting the value of participation through trusted leadership, quality education and a meaningful passion to create a better, safer, more wholesome environ- ment for youth, today and for generations to come. NCYS President Dr. Wanda L. Rutledge said, "We all thank Sally Johnson for her years of unwavering, loyal service. She's a successful, passionate relationship builder and leaves the organization in an honorable position. She has made it possible for us to move to the next level and broaden our scope, services and resources to the local grassroots level." Rutledge continued, "The NCYS Board of Directors is proud to announce that Wayne B. Moss has been selected to assume the role of executive director. Wayne has served 15 years with the [Recreation]. He has also served as chairman of the United States Olympic Committee's Multi-Sport Organizations, and the NCYS Board of Directors for the past seven years." Moss assumed his new position July 1, 2018. For more information, visit n Johnson Retires as National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) Executive Director Johnson

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