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Page 12 of 59 February 2017 13 have escalated in the fight with T-shirts giving way to hoodies, water bottles surren- dering to insulated cups, etc. "The problem with giveaways," Grossman said, "is if you're giving away a bat or a poster or jersey or hat or helmet is that there is a variable cost and the more that you produce, the more expensive it gets. Now with digital market places like eBay, you can go on eBay and buy mer- chandise that is supposed to be available only at the venues. "With Augmented Reality, there is none or very little variable cost but also you can restrict it based on geo-location. Only peo- ple within this area or geo-fence can see this or experience it." With this new technology, cost depends on the extent of your commitment. "It depends on what you are trying to do," Grossman said. "Some sports organizations in the big four [NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL] have spent tens of thousands of dollars to do a test but there are some things you can do like creating a Snapchat filter or exclusive content that aren't really that expensive and cost in the hundreds or maybe in the small thousands." As with any new technology, you can dive in right away or wait it out. "The technology is not totally evolved and the idea is to be able to fail fast and see what does work and what doesn't work, as quickly as possible, so you can understand how to best leverage the technology that can drive results for your organization," Grossman said. "And making sure that Augmented Reality complements anything else you are doing from a technology strat- egy perspective is what you want to focus on. "That's the nice thing about sports orga- nizations is that of all types of business, sports organizations have the best possible experiment business that they can run. Seasons are at the same time, games are at the same time. You can try out a lot of different things in a season or across different seasons to see what works and doesn't work. …You can find those areas where Augmented Reality is more likely to influence a purchasing decision — to buy a ticket or be more likely to come to an event or interact with a team in a certain way." n

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