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January 2017 46 t YOUTH Sports payments, performance, teams, manage- ment and communications, leagues and a platform for web and application building. The strengths of Blue Star Sports rest with its ability to streamline and centralize all operations, freeing up time for team manag- ers, coaches and event planners to focus on development. Sports Illustrated Play (SI) Play Time acquired three companies in 2015 — League Athletics, SportsSignup and iScore — that provided the foundation for Sports Illustrated (SI) Play, a suite of tools for player registration, scheduling, commu- nication and scorekeeping. Although the solution offers a robust registration system, WinterGreen Research's analysis found that the web site package is not as robust or easy to use as some competitors'. The SI Play Mobile App is included as a free offering within the greater league management platform. Sport Ngin A market-leading app, Sport Ngin con- nects coaches with families and provides functionality to address registration, tour- naments and leagues. The app is heavily weighted on administrative functions. Wide-Ranging Revenue Models Companies cashing in on the youth sports app market are taking a variety of approaches to their business operations, according to Eustis. "I was shocked at the variety of reve- nue models and that they are all thriving," Eustis said. "You don't usually see that in a market — so many revenue models and they all worked." For instance, Active Sports and Sports Ngin use a transaction-based model, taking a percentage off the top of each registra- tion. The organization pays a portion of the transaction fee to the credit card company and keeps a sizable fee as revenue. "They can generate quite a bit of revenue by just taking a little piece of each trans- action," Eustis said. "That's a little more painless than advertising or having them sell your data." In contrast, Blue Star Sports uses the software license model similar to legacy software vendors such as Microsoft or Or- acle. Prices for licenses range from $1,000 to several million dollars depending on the size and scope of the project. SI Play offers basic out-of-the-box features at no charge, such as mobile app registration, payment processing, automated scheduling and messaging. Customizable functionality and design options for youth sports packages can be purchased at an annual fee per registration. Eustis said the company plans to supplement its free offer- ing with advertising revenue. Another industry revenue model charges a flat fee per player registration, typically in the $2 range. n

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