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September 2016 8 IRRWEDOOIRUER\VZLWK ìThe high school system is the lifeblood of our early talent-development pipeline in the United States,î USA Track & Field CEO Max Siegel said. ìSeeing the popularity of our already-great sport continue to grow is exciting for our future.î Cross country was the third-fastest-growing sport for boys, with an additional 6,701 participants. Cross country ranks No. 6 for boys and No. 7 for girls in participation. Industry NASC's Schumacher To Step Down CINCINNATI ó Don Schumacher announced in late July that he will relinquish the title of executive director of the National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC) in 2017. Schumacher has been the associationís only executive director, a position he has held for 23 years. Schumacher will hand over the title to his successor during the Associationís Annual Symposium in Sacramento. A search committee of the NASC board leadership has been formed and is working to name a new Executive Director by March 2017. ìWe applaud Donís leadership and vision over the last two decades to develop the NASC into a leading association for the sports tourism industry,î said Ralph Morton, CSEE, Seattle Sports Commission and Board Chair of NASC. ìWe are hopeful Don will remain involved with the NASC and continue to share his industry knowledge with veteran and emerging leaders.î ,QXQGHU6FKXPDFKHU∑V leadership, the NASC was formulated with an initial group of 15 sports marketing organizations from around the country that were dedicated to information sharing and cooperation amongst their peers. Today, the NASC is WKHLQGXVWU\∑VRQO\QRQSUR¿W member-directed association advocating for the sport tourism industry, with an annual budget of $2 million and more than 800 members. Venues Esports Arena Planned For Oakland OAKLAND, CA ó A 16,000-square-foot facility focused on esports will be built in Jack London Square in the next year, according to The East Bay Times. Esports Arena: Oakland ZLOOEHWKH¿UVWDUHQDLQWKH Bay Area dedicated to esports, joining a small group of esports specialty facilities worldwide. It will host competitions and tournaments for gamers, as well as provide space for individuals or groups to play regularly. The facility is a partnership between Orange County-based Esports Arena, which operates an arena in Santa Ana, CA, and the Chinese company Allied eSports. ìNot only will Esports Arena be the North American home of our upcoming tournaments and leagues, but we are looking forward to expanding on the success of Esports Arena: Santa Ana, bringing its distinct impact on the esports community to Oakland and other markets,î said Jud Hannigan, senior vice president of Allied eSports. The industry has grown from $325 million in revenue worldwide in 2015 and will reach an estimated $463 million in 2016, according to JDPLQJUHVHDUFK¿UP1HZ]RR Individual gaming events have drawn thousands to Bay Area venues, including Oracle Arena. Paul Ward, CEO of Esports Arena, said the companyís aggressive plans include expanding its network to more than 10 esports properties around the world in the next ¿YH\HDUV W SPORTS Talk KANSAS CITY, MO ñ The Mid-America Intercollegiate $WKOHWLFV$VVRFLDWLRQVRIWEDOOFKDPSLRQVKLSZLOOUHWXUQWRWKH $6$+DOORI)DPH&RPSOH[ORFDWHGLQ2NODKRPD&LW\LQ 2017. 7KHWRXUQDPHQWZLOOEHDWKUHHGD\HYHQW$SULO 7KHZLQQHUUHFHLYHVDQDXWRPDWLFELGWRWKH1&$$ Division II tournament. 7KHFKDPSLRQVKLSZLOOEHDQHLJKWWHDPGRXEOHHOLPLQD- WLRQIRUPDWDQGZLOOEHFRQWHVWHGDWWKH$6$+DOORI)DPH &RPSOH[ZKLFKSUHYLRXVO\VHUYHGDVWKHVLWHRIWKH NCAA Division II National Championship. ìWe are excited that the 2017 MIAA Softball Championship ZLOOUHWXUQWRWKH$6$+DOORI)DPH&RPSOH[LQ2NODKRPD &LW\QH[WVSULQJµ0,$$&RPPLVVLRQHU'U%RE%RHULJWHUVDLG ¥7KLVYHQXHZLOOFHUWDLQO\SURYLGHDPHPRUDEOHH[SHULHQFHIRU RXUVWXGHQWDWKOHWHVDQGIDQVµ :LWKIRXU¿HOGVDQGZRUOGFODVVDPHQLWLHVWKH&RPSOH[ has played host to the best softball competition in the ZRUOGDQGELOOVLWVHOIWKH¥6RIWEDOO&DSLWDORIWKH:RUOGµ7KH &RPSOH[WKHXOWLPDWHGHVWLQDWLRQLQWKHVRIWEDOOZRUOGSOD\V KRVWWRWKH1&$$:RPHQ∑V&ROOHJH:RUOG6HULHVZKLFK GUDZVPRUHWKDQVSHFWDWRUVDQQXDOO\ Q MIAA Softball Championship Will Return To Oklahoma City

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