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of indoor venues, too, including coun- ty-owned venues, and facilities at St. Maryís College of Maryland and the College of Southern Maryland. Hotel rooms: 1,000+ Hotel tax rate: 11 percent Major facilities: Cecil Park accom- modates baseball, softball, tennis, bas- NHWEDOOYROOH\EDOOWHQQLVøHOGKRFNH\ football, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, T-ball and ultimate Frisbee. Chancellors Run Regional Park hosts baseball, basket- ball, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis and ultimate Frisbee. Chaptico Park offers facilities for BMX, lacrosse, soccer and ultimate Frisbee. Contact: St. Maryís County Tourism, Washington County Washington County in western Maryland is home to numerous historical attrac- tions. The area offers more than 100 FHQWUDOO\ORFDWHGøHOGVDQGIDFLOLWLHV DQGKRVWVORWVRIWUDFNDQGøHOGF\FOLQJ cross country, softball, basketball, BMX and wrestling events. Hotel rooms: 2,200 Hotel tax rate: 11 percent Major facilities: Hagerstown Community College includes a four-lane, PHWHU,QGR¿H[WUDFNDVL[ODQH \DUGWUDFNWHQQLVFRXUWVDEDVHEDOO øHOGDVRIWEDOOøHOGDQGDDQGVRFFHU øHOG+DJHUVWRZQ6RFFHU&RPSOH[IHD- WXUHVVL[øHOGV Contact: Hagerstown & Washington County CVB, Worcester County In the easternmost part of Maryland, Worcester County boasts a number of unique communities, from the Victorian-era town of Berlin to the historic Snow Hill and Pocomoke City. And, all of the communi- ties are just a short drive from the beach. Hotel rooms: 550+ Hotel tax rate: 10.5 percent Major facilities: The 58-acre Newtown 3DUNKRXVHVRQHVHQLRUOHDJXHøHOGWKUHH /LWWOH/HDJXHøHOGVWZRVRIWEDOOøHOGV DQGWKUHHPXOWLSXUSRVHøHOGV-RKQ:DOWHU 6PLWK3DUNKDVRQHVHQLRUOHDJXHøHOG WKUHH/LWWOH/HDJXHøHOGVWZRVRIWEDOO øHOGVDQGøYHPXOWLSXUSRVHøHOGV1RUWK- HUQ:RUFHVWHU$WKOHWLF&RPSOH[FRQVLVWV RIRQHVHQLRUOHDJXHøHOGRQHMXQLRU OHDJXHøHOGWKUHH/LWWOH/HDJXHøHOGVDQG øYHPXOWLSXUSRVHøHOGV6KRZHOO3DUNKDV WZRVRIWEDOOøHOGV7KH:RUFHVWHU&RXQW\ Recreation Center is an indoor venue that includes a 47,000-square foot multipurpose arena, a 520-seat arena with two multipur- SRVHFRXUWVVL[EDVNHWEDOOKRRSVLQGRRU soccer/lacrosse courts and a four-lane track. Contact: Worcester County Tourism, Q See Ad On This Page M A R Y L A N D W We are part of the Mid Atlantic Amateur Sports Alliance offering first-class facilities and top-notch attractions including Maryland's beaches and boardwalk! Contact us today When the pressure of planning is on, we'll show you what teamwork is all about!

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