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Page 16 of 67 September 2016 17 GAME Plan W events from multiple screens ñ whether itís WKHWHOHYLVLRQVFUHHQWDEOHWRULQWKHSDOPRI WKHLUKDQG6SRUWVKDVEHFRPHPXFKPRUH LQWHUDFWLYHDVDUHVXOWRIVRFLDOPHGLD¥ +DYLQJP\ULDGRXWOHWVPD\VHHPOLNHD great idea but sports event planners can run the risk of spreading themselves too thin. Finding out which platform works for your organization is the most important way to increase an online presence. Research plays a major role in deciding where to hold conversations and the best way to uncover this information is to analyze the data. Review past posts and note which received WKHPRVWWUDIøFDQGLQWHUDFWLRQ2QFHD SUHIHUUHGPHWKRGLVFKRVHQPDQDJHDQG edit content in a way thatís consistent and UHOHYDQWWR\RXUDXGLHQFH7KHIUHTXHQF\ of posts is not always the key to how many XVHUV\RX∂OOJDLQ,IDXVHUIHHOVHQJDJHG theyíll remain loyal. 86$+RFNH\6HQLRU'LUHFWRURI &RPPXQLFDWLRQV'DYH)LVFKHUVKDUHV86$ +RFNH\∂VVWUDWHJ\IRUDSSURDFKLQJVRFLDO PHGLD≥,WFHUWDLQO\OHQGVLWVHOIWRFUHDWLYLW\ ,WKLQNWKHFKDOOHQJHIRUDOORIXVLVWRXWLOL]H our resources and settle on what channels have the most impact on what weíre trying to GR:H∂GORYHWREHRQHYHU\VLQJOHFKDQQHO but itís just not possible due to resources. :HWDNHWKHKLJKHVWLPSDFWDUHDVDQGWU\WR further those. Our objective is to really lead WKHFRQYHUVDWLRQDERXWWKHVSRUW¥ Fischer added that if you are going to attempt to post on multiple social PHGLDFKDQQHOVPDNHVXUHWKHFRQWHQW LVGLIIHUHQWIRUHDFKDFFRXQW7KDWZD\ XQLTXHFRQYHUVDWLRQVHYROYHWKDWDUH PRVWDSSURSULDWHWRWKDWSODWIRUP6LPSO\ UHSRVWLQJWKHVDPHFRQWHQWWR)DFHERRN 9LQH6QDSFKDWDQG7ZLWWHUZLOOWXUQRII users. 5HEHNDK%XUJHVV6PLWK'LUHFWRURI 3DLG6HDUFKDQG6RFLDODW0::35VDLG ≥6WDUWZLWKZKR\RX∂UHWU\LQJWRUHDFK7KDW will help determine your platform. On top RIWKDW\RX∂YHJRWWRøQGRXWZKDW\RXU VRFLDOIRRWSULQWLVOLNH,I\RX∂UHQRWELJRQ Twitter then advertising on Twitter might EHULJKWIRU\RX/RRNDW\RXUDXGLHQFHDQG try to insert yourself into the conversations. Figure out what your content is and how \RX∂UHJRLQJWRSURPRWHLW¥ Q CREATE A BUZZ! Social media is a highly effective tool that can bring new eyes to your sports event. With more than 2.3 billion active users logging into platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others every day, you have a vari- ety of ways to attract people to your event. Which one(s) might be right for your organization? Read on. ∉ FACEBOOK – The most popular social network in the world, Facebook should be the center of your social media endeavors. Create a profile or a like page and load it with interactive content that engages your followers. Upload videos, write entertaining status updates and connect people to your brand one post at a time. www. ∉ TWITTER – Tweets are short. Whether they're sweet is up to you. In 140 characters or less, users post status updates and retweet relevant links to attract new follow- ers. Bring new people into the conversation by using the # sign to hashtag what you're talking about to bring new people into the discussion. ∉ VINE – With attention spans waning, Vine lets users convey messages in just six sec- onds or less. With video editing and creative ideas, Vine users can give their followers quick glimpses into the most compelling moments of a sports event. ∉ YOU TUBE – Upload videos featuring the best your sports brand has to offer. Share interviews, highlights and stand out by showcasing what makes your brand different from the rest. ∉ INSTAGRAM – Share photos and videos and encourage followers and attendees to share theirs, too. ∉ SNAPCHAT – Snapchat is one of the most interactive ways to reach millennials. Create buzz with interesting snaps and apply entertaining filters to your photos and videos. ∉ PERISCOPE – Stream live videos to followers with this live-streaming mobile app. Use this real-time service to, for example, give followers an behind-the-scenes look at your event. ∉ MEERKAT – This app enables users to broadcast live video through their mobile device. Once Meerkat users sign up, they can connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to stream directly to their followers as soon as they go live. ∉ TUMBLR – Post memes, pictures, and GIFs on this short-form blogging site. ∉ PINTEREST – Pinterest is a giant interactive online bulletin board where users upload media — pins — into collections — boards. Pin pictures, motivational quotes and more for your followers repin.

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