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September 2016 16 hat happens when \RXJHWWKH86 2O\PSLF6ZLP7HDP WRJHWKHUSXWWKHP LQDFDUWXUQRQWKH cameras and crank up the tunes? ,I\RXNQRZKRZWRPDQDJH\RXUVRFLDO media you can tally more than 5 million views in a couple of weeks and get fans amped about the Rio Olympic Games. :KHQLWFRPHVWRFUHDWLQJDEX]]RQ VRFLDOPHGLDWKHRSWLRQVDSSHDUHQGOHVV 86$6ZLPPLQJWRRNWKHSRSXODU&DUSRRO Karaoke concept and used it as a creative way to introduce its swimmers to the world. :KLOHEHOWLQJRXWD7D\ORU6ZLIWWXQH LQPLJKWQRWøWWKHELOOIRUHYHU\VSRUWV HYHQWRUJDQL]HUFUHDWLYLW\DQGVLPSOLFLW\ FDQZRUNKDQGLQKDQGIRUDVXFFHVVIXO campaign. ≥6RFLDOPHGLDLQLWVVLPSOHVWIRUPLV MXVWFRQYHUVDWLRQ¥VDLG%HQMDPLQ$UQROG business director of the global ad agency :H$UH6RFLDO :H$UH6RFLDOKDVXWLOL]HGVRFLDO media to build campaigns and promote SRSXODUEUDQGVVXFKDV$GLGDV5HHERN DQG&URVV)LW,WKDVDOVRSURGXFHGDZDUG winning global creative campaigns for PDMRUWHQQLVHYHQWVDVZHOODV0DMRU /HDJXH6RFFHUWKH1DWLRQDO)RRWEDOO /HDJXHDQGVRFFHUWHDPVWKURXJKRXWWKH 86DQG(XURSH≥,QWRGD\∂VFURZGHG PXOWLOD\HUHGDQGRIWHQIUDJPHQWHGVSRUWV LQGXVWU\FRQYHUVDWLRQLVDFUXFLDOPHWULF for brands to deliver on in order to initiate VXFFHVVIXOPDUNHWLQJLQLWLDWLYHV¥$UQROG VDLG≥)URPWKLVSRLQWWKHVDYYLHVWEUDQGV in sports are those that can convert this broad awareness into product consideration and then conversion or transaction. And unlike any other communications platform RXWWKHUHVRFLDO>PHGLD@LVXQLTXHO\DEOHWR deliver on all three steps of this consumer SXUFKDVHMRXUQH\¥ )RUHYHQWSODQQHUVRQVRFLDOPHGLD you may already think the conversation has been started but are you doing all the WDONLQJ",W∂VHDV\HQRXJKWRVLJQXSIRU a social media website or app and start posting content but there is strategy behind HQJDJLQJXVHUVSURSHUO\:KHQJLYLQJ\RXU HYHQWJRHUVDSODFHWRSRVLWLYHO\GLVFXVV DQGFRQQHFWZLWK\RXUVSRUW\RXDUHOHWWLQJ people embrace your event while creating an experience that leaves them wanting more. (YHQWSODQQHUVVXFKDV86$+RFNH\RU 86$6RIWEDOOKDYHIRXQGPXFKVXFFHVVRQ the social media front by using livecasting WRVSLNHLQWHUHVW/LYHFDVWVKDYHLQFOXGHG HYHU\WKLQJIURPEDFNVWDJHWRXUV4 $∂V with athletes and inside looks at training practices to more interactive activities such as games and giveaways. ≥:H∂UHDOZD\VORRNLQJIRUQHZ LQQRYDWLYH≤EXWPRUHLPSRUWDQWO\IXQ ≤ZD\VWRLQWHUDFWZLWKRXUIROORZHUV¥ VDLG86$6RIWEDOO0DQDJLQJ'LUHFWRURI &RPPXQLFDWLRQV&RGL:DUUHQ ≥:KHWKHULW∂VEHKLQGWKHVFHQHVFRQWHQW exclusive reveals or something as simple DVDSKRWRRIDVWDUWLQJOLQHXSJLYLQJRXU followers that personal touch and feel with our social media accounts has been a huge VXSSRUWLQJURZLQJRXUEUDQG,W∂VRQHWKLQJ to post something on social media but itís another to engage your audience and get them to interact and feel like they are a part RI86$6RIWEDOO¥ :LWKWKHQXPEHURIVRFLDOPHGLDXVHUV LQFUHDVLQJRQDGDLO\EDVLVLW∂VFOHDUWKLV technology will only grow as it evolves. 86$6RIWEDOOKDVPRUHWKDQ /LNHVRQLWV)DFHERRNSDJHDQGPRUHWKDQ )ROORZHUVIURPDOORYHUWKHJOREHRQ 7ZLWWHUDQGWKHWDOOLHVJURZHYHU\GD\ ìAs long as followers and fans continue to engage with businesses through social PHGLDLW∂OOEHKHUHWRVWD\¥:DUUHQVDLG ≥%\KDYLQJDGLJLWDOSUHVHQFH\RXFRQWLQXH to see a different avenue available to fans online where theyíre not only watching the game but also wanting to tweet and post in real time to share the excitement with their followers. Fans are viewing the sporting BY STEVE URENA W GAME Plan W DIVE RIGHT IN! Social Media Tips To Engage Your Audience

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